Company Overview


Leading Growth Through Innovation

As the World's No.1 Nitrile Glove manufacturer, Hartalega is currently in the process of recruiting a diverse pool of talented people, across various specialisations and backgrounds. You will enjoy exceptional benefits and incentives, as well as a well-defined path for career success.


Hartalega is made up of a tight-knit, passionate and highly-skilled set of individuals. From our top executives, to our line technicians; we are all proud to be part of an elite group responsible for revolutionising the glove-making industry.

Job Description


  • Design, implements, monitors & maintains all policies and procedures relating to safety and health with the ultimate aim of ensuring a high level of safety and health standards in the company.


  • To plan and organize the daily works for the housekeeping general workers and cleaners.
  • To review the schedule on the housekeeping duties.
  • To ensure the work done by the housekeeping general workers and cleaners are satisfactory.
  • To ensure toilet management is done as per standard and requirements
  • To provide tools and equipment required for the housekeeping team.
  • To ensure the factory and its surrounding are clean at all times.
  • To follow up the grass cutting schedule by the HSK team.
  • To follow up and manage with the internal and external pest control services
  • To check surrounding plan to ensure HSK staff are performing an instructed.
  • To ensure no stagnant water which leads to mosquito breeding outside the factory (within the company premises).
  • To ensure drainage system are always good & any abnormality / spillage shall be reported for further action.
  • To conduct training/OJT/do and do not
  • To assist in HSE management doing the HSE program i.e. Campaign, drill at the factory and hostel.
  • To perform HSE and HSK audit.
  • Take appropriate steps to resolve any citations issued by government inspectors. Revised Safety and Health policy as necessary to avoid reoccurrence of problem
  • To assist in organising training on fire drill, first aid, chemicals spilled / leakage & other areas which help to strengthen Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Perform regular inspection and testing of all safety and fire-fighting equipment to ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Ensure servicing of equipment is done on timely basis.
  • Perform Health and Safety training (including usage of safety and fire-fighting equipment) on a regular and systematic basis.
  • Ensure to landscape surrounding are maintained as per requirement
  • To organize and perform COVID Prevention management program (disinfection, COVID audit organization and COVID reporting)
  • To assist in Management System Audits.
  • Any other tasks that may be assigned by superior.



  • Bachelor Degree in HSE or any equivalent.

Work Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years of working experience or fresh graduate is encourage to apply.

Technical and Professional Knowledge:

  • Systematic and logical in thinking.
  • Excellent planning and organizing ability.

Certification / License Requirement:


Additional Company Information


Registration No.                                                                                                      Company Size

75398-K                                                                                                                     More than 5000 Employees

Average Processing                                                                                               Time Industry

21 days                                                                                                                      Manufacturing / Production