Company Overview


Leading Growth Through Innovation

As the World's No.1 Nitrile Glove manufacturer, Hartalega is currently in the process of recruiting a diverse pool of talented people, across various specialisations and backgrounds. You will enjoy exceptional benefits and incentives, as well as a well-defined path for career success.


Hartalega is made up of a tight-knit, passionate and highly-skilled set of individuals. From our top executives, to our line technicians; we are all proud to be part of an elite group responsible for revolutionising the glove-making industry.

Job Description

  • To perform task related to raw material planning and scheduling by using ERP environment system.
  • Monitor raw material inventory and raise any over- or under- inventory issues that may arise.
  • Coordinate with R&D on the raw material allocation and production to be used.
  • Coordinate with R&D on the new raw material production trial.
  • Coordinate with Plant Manager/ Executives on material planning or new material trial.
  • Coordinate with shipping team on containers delivery and allocation.
  • Managing and arranging delivery of raw materials and supplies necessary to meet production demands.
  • Forecast and pre-plan latex demand according to production requirements, to be provided to Purchasing team.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in supply chain management or related field.  
  • Minimum 2 years of working experience or fresh graduate. 

Additional Company Information


Registration No.                                                                                                      Company Size

75398-K                                                                                                                     More than 5000 Employees

Average Processing                                                                                               Time Industry

21 days                                                                                                                      Manufacturing / Production